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Artist : Lee Man Fong  
23 January - 28 February 2010


SBin Art Plus is pleased to announce Modern Masters on Paper - a Duo Show by Lee Man Fong & Siauw Tik Kwie, opening on January 23rd. This exhibition brings together two formidable modern figures in South East Asian art world—Lee Man Fong and Siauw Tik Kwie. Incidentally, they were the founders of 'Yin Hua' or 'Mei Shu Yen Tsiu Hui,' an organization for Chinese artists in Indonesia. This rare glimpse of their works on paper provides an insight to their friendship, daily surroundings and influences between each other. Whilst much less expensive than oil paintings, drawings can take the viewer closer to the mind and working methods of the artist, providing a stepping stone to collecting modern art.