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8 July - 5 August 2018


Element Art Space is pleased to present a group exhibition ‘Motionless Boundary’ a collection of 12 artists from Singapore and Taiwan who has been engaging with traditional approaches to picture making and image construction, challenging and ultimately reshaping historical strategies and reframing philosophical questions surrounding notions of originality, subjectivity, and spiritual transcendence. Their practice has taken on the challenges to visualise and communicate complex social & environmental issues, expressing the effects and interconnectedness between nature and human development. Their artistic approaches and conceptual beginnings may vary but share a common belief that art should be able to stir the space of imagination within an individual which may lay dormant and motionless, allowing him to enter a peaceful land where one can reflect,meditate, or take a little breather from this chaotic world.




Boo Sze Yang 巫思遠

Chiew Sien Kuan 赵善君

Lim Soo Ngee 林序毅

Ng Kiow Ngor April 黄娇娥

Soh Chee Hui 苏志辉

Tan Chee Wah Terence 陳智華

Yeo Chee Kiong 楊子強



Hsu Chih-chi 許芝綺

Lin Bao-ling 林葆靈

Liu Wen-ter 刘文德

Shiau Bei-chen 萧北辰

Tseng Chun-hao曾俊豪