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19 May – 24 June 2018


Element Art Space is pleased to present a group exhibition of young Singaporean artists. Process consists of four promising young artists: Liu Ling, Justin Lim, Tracy Tan, and Alessia Levonique Candra. In this body of works, the artists explore the process of painting and art-making whereby they set out from different distinct paths but converge to the same destination and yet retain their unique visual style.   
The celebration of reality is the anchor of Liu Ling’s works. Through the process of interpretation in what she sees, she attempts to rediscover the essence of beauty; especially in the ordinary, ignored, and the forgotten. Although the experimentations in her body of works often lead Liu to different mediums, her works always adopt the same language of realism. The most significant challenge is neither the skill nor the patience in the execution of her works, but the honesty to fully embrace reality with all its imperfection.
Justin Lim’s body of works primarily examines mortality, the passage of time and the longing to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory. His series, The Drift Project I & II, started in 2016 is essentially a scientific and artistic exploration on teak and driftwood, an entity once harvested and exported to Singapore. Lim juxtaposes the driftwood with the orchid of innocence which in reality does not coexist together to express our mortality and desire to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory. In The Drift Project II, Lim also explores the trade, flows and demand of natural resources being harvested. By tracking and recording the origin and journey of the driftwood, he is intrigued by the notion of “home”.


STILLS is a landscape photography series developed by Tracy Tan. Spontaneity and stillness are the principals in these works. The stillness and solitude that she finds herself in, during the seclusion while searching for peacefulness are reflected through the collectives. Through this solitude, she shares with her viewers the state of calmness as she experienced it.
Alessia Levonique Candra approaches her artworks by alchemy from the beginning to the finishing. Candra considers herself a purist when it comes to her painting process. She works with powder pigments, mixing them to get the desired colours, applying them directly on the canvas without any visual aid such as projector as a guide. She strives to let her art speaks for itself and transcend its deceptive appearance to evoke senses,  thus affects one’s body to the point where it ends any aesthetic contemplation.



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