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Artist : Carlo Gabuco  Wire Tuazon  
09 October - 09 November 2014

Element Art Space is pleased to present its second Filipino exhibition with works by Bembol dela Cruz, Carlo Gabuco and Wire Tuazon. It will run from 09 October to 09 November 2014. 
Aptly titled “Adobo Apocalypse,” these three artists created paintings of unattainable narrative where salvation becomes a natural tableau which feeds on tensions and the borders of disputes. Dela Cruz grapples with the nervous idea of paranoia, anger and sadism present in our day-to-day. Gabuco’s works provide symptoms of uncertainty and conflict present in our struggle of coming to terms with our identities. Using self portraits to explain the so-called selfie generation, Gabuco’s paintings allude to the photographic process and create panoptic interpretations contained in the works themselves.
Wire Tuazon, being the most senior of these three artists, juxtaposes texts with an archival, momentous period to suggest knowing and telling, enabling the circulation of meaning across time. By incorporating his ‘small town’ environment as a vantage point, he draws upon a profusion of materials, its shared history and intricate layers of mythology. He also interweaves text and image, and questions the loss of meaning or multiple valences of poetic engagement.
This exhibition will be the first collaboration done between the three artists. All three artist incorporate the feeling that something is on edge, turning our gaze to the topic of endings and mortality in our own subjective post-apocalyptic grapples with collapse, settlement or some kind of rebuilding.
Adobo Apocalypse is composed of 9 artworks. The exhibition will run until 09 November 2014.