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15 May - 8 June 2014


'Giving Back To Our Community' is a photography exhibition by two Indonesian architect and photographers, Gamal Hendro and Rini Martadi.


Amongst the increasingly popular new media works in the contemporary art scene today, Hendro’s and Martadi’s ‘journalistic’ photographies stand out. In disquieting, entropic mis-en-scenes, they capture honest and truthful imageries which we rarely see today in the fine art world. Whether found or created, Hendro’s and Martadi’s works are melancholic yet highly charged narrative containing echoes of lived spaces and realities in rural Indonesia.


The two artists share mutual concerns of the quality of life in children and environmental issues in Indonesia. Together, they help non-profit organization, ars86care on creating awareness and inspire transformation of the legacy through photography.


The whole exhibition was organized in cooperation with ars86care foundation. Proceeds from the photo sales will go to the betterment of early childhood education facilities in Indonesia's underprivileged areas.


About ars86care

Founded in 2007 by a group of Indonesian architects. The non-profit organization, 'ars86care’ mission is to raise awareness and create better environmental quality for the children in Indonesia. The 'ars86care' benefits children and the community by providing, children books, libraries, schools, and corporate and families volunteering experiences. 


Cover image: Gamal Hendro