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Artist : Erianto  
18 April - 19 May 2013


Cardboard packages and wooden crates of various sizes on canvases create the optical illusion of real packages and crates on a flat plane, a feat that could signify the end of painting itself. As a collective, the exhibition portrays a studio of an artist after his or her unsold artworks are returned back to him or her from an exhibition at a gallery. Unopened crates lie on the floor, waiting for its next journey and owner.

‘Play of Perception’ does exactly that--playing with our perceptions though the details that the artist puts in his paintings. Backward facing letter ‘E’ that he uses in the word FRAGILE does not always catch our attention at first sight nor does the misspelled shipping labels, but they showed a narration of his journey as a struggling young artist from West Sumatra in the wild undeveloped infrastructure of Indonesian art scene. A play of mix and match of his name with a few big names that he has encountered in local and international art scene gives us a dash of humor. And the use of his native language in his works are reminders of his roots and casual wisdom that he wants to hold close.