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12 May - 11 June 2011


The Everyday Fantastic presents a slice of visual culture today that is a juncture of styles, ideas, places and times. This will be the first exhibition of contemporary Indonesian artists curated by a Singaporean, Wang Zineng, at the gallery, which will be the first of many exhibitions of how Singaporeans view non-Singaporean art in an international setting.

The Everyday Fantastic reinforces and undermines modern myths yet traces a lineage to the international literary and visual art movement in 1940s and 50s American painting and Latin American literature. The works of these artists represent a trajectory in Indonesian art today and revolves about the actual existence of things in the world yet goes beyond a constricting realism, thematically and visually. Collectively, their works present an alternative world of forms and subjects that responds to reality yet brings together what is real, objective and materially present.