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Artist : Angki Purbandono  
10 March - 10 April 2011


TOP POP, a digital image showcase of “Singapore Idealism” as interpreted by one of Indonesia’s most significant visual artists – Yogyakarta-based Angki Purbandono.

Using a technique known as scannography, Purbandono explores the dichotomy of Singapore, in a journey of discovery as to whether a country that is held up as a model of modernisation and globalisation, is as sterile and boring as its critics make out to be. 

Featuring 22 works, TOP POP is Purbandono’s first solo exhibition in Singapore, and is based on observations made during a 15-day residency in January this year. His art resists categorization and appears to exist outside any specific culture, yet draws on the revolutionary energies that appear in ‘ordinary objects’ that are often unnoticed to conjure a world of unseen wonders and astounding aesthetic spectacles. 


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