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Artist : Theresia A. Sitompul (Tere)  
3 - 24 December 2010

Inspired by her daughter, Blora, Tere’s works reflect Blora’s infectious imagination to aworld that connect the dots between fun and art. With an almost childlike ingenuity she takes on the most ordinary forms and concepts, and transforms them into delightful treasures. Blora’s world is combined with the ideas of Tere’s hope for her daughter and to create a better world for Blora. Exploring that concept of hope that every mother has for her children, Tere intends every object, shade and angle to play a certain role and to speak volumes to the viewer yet still maintains a mysteriousness that allows the viewer to imagine their own story to develop and to develop a relationship with the work.
Tere’s solo exhibitions in Jakarta were well received by collectors, critics and medias alike. Now in her first solo exhibition in Singapore, S.Bin Art Plus is pleased to host this promising contemporary Indonesian artist in a combination of joy and happiness in an exhibit that inspires hope and provokes contemplation of our actions for the bettermentof our children’s future.

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