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Artist : Ang Ah Tee  Siew Hock Meng  
30 July - 29 August 2010


SBin Art Plus pays tribute to Singapore, with a showcase of 18 prominent artists, whose pioneering efforts in the local art scene have paved the way for the development and appreciation of home grown artistic talent.  
Selected Singapore Master Artists celebrates the vibrancy of Singapore’s art frontier years with a selection of works by key Singapore master artists - Georgette Chen, Choo Keng Kwang, Low Puay Hwa, Ong Kim Seng, Siew Hock Meng, Chen Wen Hsi, Lim Cheng Hoe, Lim Tze Pieng, Gog Sing Hooi, Liu Kang, Leng Joon Wong, Tan Swiq Hian, Tay Bak Koi, Thomas Yeo, Chen Chong Swee, Cheong Soo Pieng, and Ang Ah Tee – whose unique takes on the subtle realities of life have given rise to modern art as we know it today.   
Showcasing artistic legacies from the 1960s, that still continue to resonate today with their integration of Chinese and Western elements in both technique and medium - from the avant-garde Chinese paintings of Chen Wen Hsi to the definitive watercolour works by Lim Cheng Hoe - Selected Singapore Master Artists brings together the spectacular synergies of these artistic masters in a creative exuberance of colours, hues and strokes that reminds viewers of the beauty in our everyday lives. 
With its display of more than 40 artworks including oil on canvas, watercolour on paper as well as sculpture, SBin Art Plus’ mission is to promote local and regional appreciation of definitive Singapore art to the discerning art collector.  

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