<b>Jade Coke 玉可乐</b><br/>oil on canvas<br/><br/>136 x 100 cm<br/>2016<br/>
<b>Lucky Jade 吉玉</b><br/>oil on canvas<br/><br/>110 x 100 cm<br/>2017<br/>

In Zi Peng’s works, you realise the originality of this talented painter, whose artistic individuality within his creations is apparent. Zi Peng liberates himself of his academic shackles and experiments on his own artistic voice. The artist is developing a new ism, a new signature that he can call his very own. His new artistic language, which I suspect, is one that is provocative yet pleasant and a pleasure to our senses. Through his use of the material as his unique speciality, he creates works that fuse his forcefulness of his imagination and delicacy of his personality, compelling us to see more deeply into things and reveals the multi-faceted beauty and infinite richness of art – Zi Peng’s Surrealistic World of Materialism.

Zi Peng uses Jade, a gemstone of unique symbolic energy, as his “material-muse”. As you perused through his latest crop of paintings, you will be swept away into his new and provocative imaginative realm. Initially, on first look, the featured subject is something we are familiar with, Jeff Koon’s iconic dog, a Hamburger, Hirst’s skull, a Buddha statue, an ice-cream cone, etc.; but juxtaposed within these icons is where Zi Peng’s artistic talent truly excels. His creations lead us on a surrealistic voyage to embrace and experience the balancing and harmonious effect of Jade. His innate ability to use oil to capture hyper-realistically the brilliance of this wondrous stone, intermingling with his exuberant imagination of incorporating traditional Chinese art into the very veins of the gemstone, challenges us to be open to new perspectives and wonderment – an art within an art. Upon careful inspection of the Chinese painting within each jade subject, you will be further enthralled by his mastery of capturing the vivid brushwork and intensity of Chinese ink paintings, yet preserving his own conception of nature, and his own emotions and individuality, which is the basis of Chinese ink painting.

Zi Peng’s current works compel observers not only to return to have a second, third or even multiple viewing but to discover with amazement his distinctive technique and intuition of a visionary artist who creates by manipulating perspective and realism. His art, through the use of Material and inanimate objects, challenges and mocks us, with the innocence of his subjects and his vivid imagination, to accept the impossible as “reality”. 


1982 Born in Zibo, Shandong, China
2005 Graduates in the Lu Xun Fine Arts Academy. Obtains the Bachelor’s Degree
2006 Studies Fine Arts Master Degree in Lu Xun Fine Arts Academy
2008 Graduated as the top student


Selected Exhibitions

2017 Art Jakarta, Element Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2016 Art Kaohsiung, Y2ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015 Art Taipei, Y2ARTS, Taiwan
Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date, Jolie Art Gallery, Shenyang, China
2014 Art Beijing Fair, Beijing, China
Jade of Desire” – Zi Peng’s Second Solo Exhibition in Singapore, ARTrium@MCI, Y2ARTS, Singapore
2013 Beyond Words – Young Artists Group Exhibition, Shenyang Jolie Art Gallery, Shenyang, China 
Lead Exposure” – Contemporary Art Exhibition of Seven Persons, Shenyang, China 
Jade of Desire” – Zi Peng’s Solo Exhibition in Malaysia, "7th International Art Expo Malaysia 2013" Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
AAF Hong Kong 2012”, Y2ARTS, Hong Kong
2012 "SH Contemporary 2012", Shanghai, China
2011 5th International Art Expo Malaysia 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 4th International Art Expo Malaysia 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 + (86) 0102 – 10 Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition, Y2ARTS, Singapore
Back to being, Image of the North - Youth Dialogue Biennale Shenyang 123 Art District, China
Northeast Contemporary Artist Group Exhibition", WEILAN Art Museum, Shenyang
When Reality turns into Memory, Shenyang, China
2008 Flowers of the Motherland, Zi Peng's First Solo exhibition, Sculpture Square, Singapore
2nd International Art Expo Malaysia 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fresh Eyes 08/ Negative---5th Annual Exhibition of Dissertation works i painting from National Art Academies across China , He Xiangning Art Museum, China
Modern China 08, Lukisan Art Gallery, Singapore
Kaleidoscope 08, Dunman High School, Singapore
2007 Today Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Cube Gallery, Beijing, China
Art Exhibition, Shenyang, China
The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston, USA
Redstar Gallery, Beijing, China