Born in Beijing, China

<b>Apophis Arrived III</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>150 x 150 cm<br/>2014-<br/>
<b>Cloud Iridescence No. 1</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>70 x 90 cm<br/>2016<br/>
<b>Potential Mode of the Galaxy IV</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>60 x 80 cm<br/>2016<br/>
<b>Primitive Nebula I</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>120 x 160 cm<br/>2016<br/>triptych copy

Bill Zhao attended a number of vocational institutions in his youth, such as Central Academy of Craft Art, the School of Art of China University of Mining and Technology and the Archeological Department of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has had dozens of solo and group exhibitions under his belt in celebrated galleries and art organisations, aspiring to be an outstanding artist ever since his solo debut at the National Art Museum of China in 1996. Zhao is also a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and art collector. A major contributor in the art market, he has been awarded the most influential Chinese and one of the top ten celebrities in the art world by the media for several years in a row, and was nominated and awarded many times. 


One of the ten industrial leaders by Shanghai Yicai Channel in 2012. Visiting museums across the globe and having profound exchanges with various artists, Bill Zhao has been endowed with a broader horizon and improved level of cultivation, facilitating his own creative path combining senses of cosmos, space and temporality, leading to works with extended poetic and artistic mood in a straightforward manner.



During in his twenties, he was greatly influenced by Wu Guanzhong. His brushstrokes and lines were all endowed with abstracted beauty; he had a strong passion to this style. From the late 1990s to his recent creation, Zhao always paints with oil painting colours. Zhao has a strong interest in the unpredictable Nature, this nature of his gradually led him into a mystical world of abstraction during his Western-style paintings. An artist’s dedication to the arts is like that of a scientist who explores the mysteries of the Nature and the Universe through thorough investigations and scientific calculations, and Zhao choose to employ painting as a way to reveal his interpretation for the vast galaxies, of which, the Galaxy series, the Solar System series, the Volcano series, and the Earth Core Movement series have been continuing themes of his art creations.


2002 to 2003

Graduated with Master Degree, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Historical Relic Identification Major, Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions


Through Space and Time, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei, Taiwan


Interstellar, Poly Art Museum, Beijing, China


Solo Exhibition, China Minsheng Bank Club, Beijing, China

Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China


Solo exhibition, Chan Liu Art Museum, Taoyuan, Taiwan


Rongbaozhai Gallery, San Francisco, USA


Beijing Dajingguan Art Space, Beijing, China


Solo Exhibition, Beijing, China


Qingsong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Solo Exhibition, Singapore


Group Exhibitions and Others


Art Jakarta, Element Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Calm before the Storm, Element Art Space, Singapore


Versailles Palace, Paris, France

Imagine of Gravity Wave in Interstellar Margin, Poly Art Space, Xiamen, China

Imagine of Gravity Wave in Interstellar Margin, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2013 to 2015

Donated numerous works at charity auctions


2004 to 2013

Exchange programmes in USA, Australia, Belgium, France, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc

2000 to 2002

Various activities, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries and regions to participate in various activities


Four Modern Artists, Soobin Art Space, Singapore 


Four Beijing Artists, Malaysia

National Museum of China, Beijing, China


Ten Artists Group Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ten Artists Group Exhibition, Singapore

Modern Chinese Painting Group Exhibition, USA


International Chinese Painting Fair, Beijing, China


Various Exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Korea and Australia


Art Eastern, Hong Kong


Taught by famous modern artist Tang Jinhao, Singapore


Beijing Flavor Art Exhibition, Beijing, China


100 Artists Exhibition - Chinese Painting, Beijing, China

40th Anniversary of Beijing’s Liberation Exhibition, Beijing, China



1993 Oriental Award, Oriental Award International Chinese Painting Competition, Renmin Daily, Beijing, China