Born in 1937

Zhenhai, Zhejiang province, China

<b>Wan Nan Tai Yuan</b><br/>oil on canvas<br/><br/>50 x 60 cm<br/>2002<br/>

Chen Junde, was born in Zhenhai, Zhe Jiang Province in 1937, who was infatuated with Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne in his early time and his paintings are blazing and vigorous,  graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1960. After graduated from university he bent himself to amalgamation of eastern and western arts and he was said to be a painter with strong egoism. His paintings are coloured boldly and unrestrainedly. He is good at using pure white colour and makes the colour lumps of red, yellow, blue and green in a harmony; thus his paintings are much more impressionistic.


1960 Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, the Fine Arts Department

Currently a Professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy , Executive Director of Chinese Oils Association, Member of Chinese Oils Art Committee, Chairman of Shanghai Oil Painting Society, Executive Director of Shanghai Fine Art Association


Solo Exhibitions
1991  Oil Painting Exhibition of Chen Junde, Hong Kong, China
1992  Oil Painting Exhibition of Chen Junde, Hong Kong, China
1995  Oil Painting Exhibition of Chen Junde, Hong Kong, China
1999  Oil Painting Exhibition of Chen Junde, Pairs, France


Group Exhibitions

2016  Memories of China, Element Art Space, Singapore

1979  Twelve-men Exhibition Shanghai, China
   Four-men Combined Exhibition of Liu Hai Shu, Guan Liang, Yan Wenliang and Chen Jun De, Shanghai, China
1986  The 1st Horizon of Shanghai Exhibition, Shanghai, China
1987  Opened China - The First Chinese Oils Exhibition,USA
1988  The 1st Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting History Museum, Beijing, China
1991  Shanghai Fine Arts Exhibition Russia, Germany, Poland
1993  '93 China Biennial, Beijing; Hong Kong
   Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition,Japan
1994  The 2nd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China
           The 6th National Art Exhibition, Beijing, China
1996  The 1st Exhibition of China Oil Painting Society, Beijing, China
1997  Contemporary Fine Art Shanghai, Germany
           Contemporary Oil Painting of China, Shanghai, China
           Contemporary Art Exhibition of Shanghai,Russia
           The 12th International Art Exhibition of Asia, Macao, China
1998  Contemporary Chinese Painting of Landscape and Oil Painting of scenery
1999  The 9th National Art Exhibition Beijing, Shanghai, China
     50 years of Shanghai Fine Art Review Exhibition,Shanghai, China
2000  Chinese Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, China
   China·Art in the Twentieth Century Beijing, Shanghai, China
2001  Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition, Finland
   Academic and Un-academic Yibo Gallery, Shanghai