Born in 1963
<b>Golden Lotus</b><br/>mixed media on paper<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2015<br/>
<b>Lotus Garden</b><br/>mixed media on paper<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2015<br/>
<b>Old Street</b><br/>mixed media on paper<br/><br/>66 x 66 cm<br/>2014<br/>
<b>Pink Tree</b><br/>mixed media on paper<br/><br/>136 x 68 cm<br/>2014<br/>
<b>Under the Pink Trees</b><br/>mixed media on paper<br/><br/>90 x 96 cm<br/>2014<br/>
<b>Golden Harvest No. 2511</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2014<br/>
<b>Golden Lotus No. 2508</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2014<br/>
<b>Golden Lotus</b><br/>Mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2013<br/>
<b>Golden Lotus No. 2458</b><br/>Mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>61 x 46 cm<br/>2012<br/>
<b>Pink Tree No. 2506</b><br/>mixed media on canvas<br/><br/>94 x 88 cm<br/>2014<br/>
Solo Exhibitions
Kaleidoscape, Beyond Colours, Singapore
LING YANG CHANG solo exhibition 2012, 7 Adams, Singapore
A Walk in the City 2012, Utterly Art, Singapore
Catwalk 2011, Momentous Arts, Singapore
Windows 2010, Momentous Arts, Singapore
Portraits of Nature 2009, Momentous Arts, Singapore
Confluence 2007, Drawing Gallery, Singapore
Perspectives from the Heart 2007, Metakao Gallery, Singapore
Flowery World 1997, Orchard Gallery, Singapore
Group Exhibitions
One by One Art Space, Projects, Singapore
Grand Opening of Element Art Space, Element Art Space, Singapore
Affordable Art Fair 2013, Hong Kong
The Society of Chinese Artists annual exhibition 2012, Singapore
Affordable Art Fair 2012, Singapore
Singapore Art Society 63th Annual Exhibition, Singapore
Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2012, Singapore
Artexpo Malaysia 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Siaw-Tao Annual Art Exhibition 2012, Singapore
81 artist from the North and South 2012, Singapore & China
National Day Calligraphy and Paintng Exhibition 2012, Singapore
Afforable Art Fair 2011, Singapore
Artexpo Malaysia 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26th Asian International Art Exhibition 2011. Seoul, South Korea
Asia Hotel Art Fair 2011, Seoul, South Korea
Afforable Art Fair 2011. Melbourne, Australia
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2011, Hong Kong
Figuratively 2011, Singapore
3rd “Tradition and Modernism” Exhibition of Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy 2010, China
Boundaries 2010, Singapore
Siaw Tao 40’ 2010, Singapore
Duologue 2010, Singapore
Excavation 2010, Singapore
Remade, Relived: Modern Art in Singapore 2009, Singapore
Scent of a Garden 2009, Singapore
HOME – Inaugural NUS Alumni Art Show 2009, Singapore
The 24th Asian International Art Exhibition 2009. Malaysia
The 23rd Asian International Art Exhibition 2008. China
Art Singapore 2008 & 2009, Singapore
Singapore-Malaysia Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Art Exchange Exhibition 2008, Singapore
Siaw-Tao Annual Art Exhibition 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009-2011, Singapore
Singapore Seal Engraver’s Exhibition 2004, 2006 & 2008, Singapore
Secret Garden 2006, Singapore
The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition 2006, Singapore
Phases and Places 2006, Singapore
Line Art, Singapore Art Show 2005, Singapore
Et cetera 2005, Singapore
35th Anniversary Exhibition, Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society 2005, Singapore
Singapore Art Society Exhibition 2005, Singapore
New Find 2003, Singapore
Collections of Chinese Seal Engraving Exhibition by Singapore Artists 2002, Singapore
Tranquillity Contemplated 2000, Singapore
Singapore Art Society 50th Anniversary art exhibition 1999, Singapore
Singapore Art 97’, Singapore
Philippe Charriol Foundation Contemporary Art Exhibition 1996, Singapore
The Exhibition of Chinese Painting - landscape, 1996, Singapore
Joint NIE Staff-Student Exhibition, 1996, Singapore
The 15th Painting of the Year Exhibition, 1996, Singapore
Nine Artists in Bali, 1996, Singapore
Grand Shell Discovery Art Exhibition 1996, Singapore
Singapore Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 1994, 1995, Singapore
1+35, 1995, Singapore
The Society of Chinese Artist Annual Art Exhibition 1994, 1995, Singapore
Rhythm & Vitality 1994, Singapore
National Kidney Foundation Charity Art Exhibition 1992, Singapore
Shell Discovery Exhibition 1992, Singapore
Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul 1992, Korea
ART 90' - In Commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of The Society of Chinese Artists, Singaporehe Second International Seal Carving Exhibition in Seoul 1988, Korea
First Prize (Chinese Ink Painting)
Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2011
Singapore Art Society
Dr J M Nathan Memorial Prize for Creativity 2004
National Institute of Education, Singapore
Certificate of Commendation (Chinese Ink Painting)
Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Awards 2001
Singapore Art Society
Certificate of Commendation
15th Painting of the Year Exhibition, 1996
United Overseas Bank Group
Certificate of Distinction
Contemporary Art Competition 1995/96
Philippe Charriol Foundation